Topics and Meetings

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Clinical Topics:

Current Meetings:

Abdominal MRI study day 2017
Breast cancer meeting 2018
Cardiac Study Day 2017
Clinical and Radiation Oncology Research Training Meeting 2017
Clinical Directors Day 2017
Clinical Oncology Audit Conference 2017
Clinical oncology undergraduate day 2019
Clinical radiology undergraduate day 2019
CNS study day 2018
Definitive chemoradiation in oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal carcinoma 2017
Gold Standard Radiotherapy: Clinical oncology quality improvement and audit conference and poster co
Head and neck: presentations, pearls and pitfalls 2017
Hot topics in neuroradiology 2017
HPB imaging: an update 2018
Imaging in GU oncology - an update 2019
Incidental findings 2017
Innovations and new techniques in paediatric radiology 2017
Interventional Radiology for the general radiologist 2017
MDT Management in anal cancer 2017
MSK plain film study day 2019
MSK: Sports injury imaging 2017
NCRI 2017
Paediatric Neuroradiology 2018
Palliative radiotherapy study day 2019
Patient safety approach in radiology 2019
PET-CT for MDT Users 2018
Plain film study day 2018
Post mortem CT for beginners 2017
Post treatment appearances 2018
Promoting patient centric radiology: Clinical Radiology Audit and QI Forum 2019
Radiology Research Day
Radiology workforce issues and 7-day working
Radiology: Getting it right Clinical Radiology audit forum 2018
Radionuclide Study Day 2019
RCR Audit Forum 2017
Red hot radiology 2018
Research Day 2018
Skin meeting 2017
Spinal Diagnosis and Intervention 2019
The AI Grand Challenge 2018
The great quality improvement debate 2017
Thoracic Oncology Study Day
Update on Radiotherapy for Gynaecological Cancer 2018
Upper GI cancer study day 2018

Archived Meetings:

Acute abdominal imaging 2012
Acute neuroradiology 2016
Annual Scientific Meeting 2012
Annual Scientific Meeting 2013
Annual Scientific Meeting 2014
Annual Scientific Meeting 2015
Annual Scientific Meeting 2016
Archived public lectures
Autumn conference 2014
Bladder cancer meeting 2014
Breast cancer meeting 2015
Breast imaging study day 2013
Breast latest advances 2016
Cambridge. Intensity modulated and image guided radiotherapy 2014
Cambridge. Intensity modulated and image guided radiotherapy 2015
Cardiac chest 2014
Clinical oncology audit forum 2013
Clinical oncology audit forum 2014
Clinical oncology audit forum 2015
Clinical oncology audit forum 2016
Clinical oncology autumn meeting 2013
Clinical radiology audit forum 2013
Clinical radiology audit forum 2014
Clinical radiology audit forum 2016
CR Audit forum 2015
Current and future developments in head and neck cancer 2015
Delivering quality in a challenging healthcare environment 2015
Endocrine imaging 2012
Endocrine imaging study day 2015
Error, revalidation and pitfalls 2014
Ethics and art in oncology 2013
First do no harm 2014
Functional and molecular imaging study day 2014
Gastrointestinal master class 2014
Gynaecological study day 2014
Head, neck and ENT imaging for the non-specialist radiologist 2012
Hot Topics - Elective 2015
Hot topics - Emergency 2015
Imaging and Clinical management of pancreatic diseases 2015
Imaging Infections head to toe 2016
Imaging of the face and skull base made easy 2014
Imaging of the small and large bowel 2014
Improving radiotherapy outcomes 2011
Incidental findings on imaging 2013
Infectious diseases study day 2014
Interstitial Lung Diseases 2016
Left holding the baby: paediatric radiology for the general radiologist 2016
Liver imaging 2014
Luminal Study Day 2016
Lung cancer meeting 2015
Lymphoma meeting 2016
Making the most of 3T MRI 2015
Motion and adaptive therapy 2013
MSK big joints meeting 2015
MSK intervention 2014
MSK small joints 2013
MSK sports imaging 2016
NCRI Cancer Conference 2016
Neuro-oncology meeting 2015
On-call radiology 2013
Oncology refresher day 2013
Paediatric chest 2014
Paediatric renal imaging 2015
Pancreas and bilary imaging 2013
PET-CT in oncology for MDT users 2013
PET-CT in oncology: an update for MDT users 2015
Plain film meeting 2016
Public Lectures
Radiology in suspected non-accidental injury 2012
Radiology networks 2016
Radiology Services - Sustainability Optimisation 2016
Radionuclide radiology 2012
Radionuclide radiology 2013
Radionuclide radiology study day 2016
Recent advances in head and neck cancer 2014
Research Study Day 2016
Spine study day 2015
Stroke meeting 2013
Teachers and tutors conference 2014
The ages of neuroradiology 2012
The business of radiology 2013
Thoracic imaging - hot topics 2013
Thoracic study day 2015
Trainee Welcome Day
Trauma study day 2014
Updates in management of thyroid cancer 2016
Uro-Gynae radiological study day 2016
Uroradiology 2013